Pine Tree Pirates - Building Something Special
R Cubed- Relational, Resourceful, Resilient


Character Education sessions are offered to all students. The group sessions are completed daily during the lunch hour in the cafeteria. Individual student sessions are completed during student elective times. Students will complete individual goal-setting sessions at least twice weekly. Topics covered include: peer pressure, self-control, self-esteem, honesty,  respect, responsibility, community service. Community Service Agencies such as ETCADA will provide formal sessions in alignment with the Campus Improvement Plan.



 S-  Smarter
 T-   Teachable
 R-   Reachable
 O-   On Point
 N-   Noteworthy
 G-   Genius

The foundational theme for the Character Education Program for the PACE DAEP Campus is PACE STRONG! The program is student-centered and is being created with the input and active participation of each student and staff member.

While the “Choose 2 Matter! Be PACE STRONG!” is the focus motto for the program, it works hand in hand with the character education program (i.e.  self-discipline, and behavior management topics) being addressed in the more formal programming/curriculum.

It is the goal that each student leaves PACE ‘stronger’ than when they came by making goal progress in at least one area of being ‘strong’.

PACE Proud!

P.A.C.E. Proud is the student recognition and award program. Every 3 weeks students are officially recognized for any noted accomplishments, goal achievements, and/or character based deeds. Based on the “You Matter!” motto, each student will be rewarded for an accomplishment, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant it may seem.  PACE Proud is focused on everyone being celebrated and knowing that they truly  matter and have something to contribute to our society and world.