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Phone Number: 903-295-5160 x1322


Sarah Barnett

My name is Sarah Barnett. I am the Licensed Professional Counselor Intern for Pine Tree ISD. I have served Pine Tree ISD as the Middle and Primary School counselor for a total of six years. My office is currently located at the Middle School campus. On a weekly basis, I meet with students during the school day to provide professional counseling. I also meet with teachers, parents, specialists, staff, and administrators to monitor students’ progress and discuss any related needs. I love being able to give students the individual attention they need to work through tough situations. Please let me know how I can help! 


In circumstances of crisis after hours, please contact 911 or the following helplines:

Texas Youth Helpline- or call 1-800-989-6844

  • Concerned about how you have been feeling?

    Mental Health America provides a confidential mental health test. 


  • Referral form Please fill out and return to campus counselor.