Name e-mail Subject
Benner, Debra [email protected] Language Arts
Burns, Kyle [email protected] Health / Athletics
Cain, Andy [email protected] Art
Carey, Katie [email protected] Language Arts
Chrietzberg, Carol [email protected] US History
Conner, Alyssa [email protected] Math
Cook, Kenna [email protected] Science
Curtis, Susan [email protected] Language Arts
Darby, Karen [email protected] Science
Eastin, Wanda [email protected] Math
Ellsworth, Paul [email protected] Texas History / Athletics
Eppley, Johanna [email protected] Choir
Evans, Sydnee [email protected] Language Arts
Fleming, Amy [email protected] Pre-Algebra
Frakes, Amy [email protected] Language Arts/History
Glaze, Selena [email protected] Pre Algebra
Godfrey, Sarah [email protected] Language Arts
Guest, Todd [email protected] Science / Robotics
Hamilton, Jerri [email protected] Dyslexia
Herring, Blaze [email protected] Exploring Careers
Hoyle, Megan [email protected] US History
Iles, Samantha [email protected] Life Skills
Jones, Donna [email protected] Science
Jones, Falyn [email protected] Math / Science
Manning, James [email protected] Health
Mitchell, Jennifer [email protected] Pre Algebra / Algebra I
Nelson, Linda [email protected] Touch Systems Data Entry
Nyvall, Clay [email protected] Math
Oliver, Keith [email protected] Language Arts
Perry, Mark [email protected] Band
Petersen, Trevor [email protected] Texas History
Randall, Michelle [email protected] UIL Math/Science
Richardson, Jon-David [email protected] Boy's P.E.
Riggs, Jessica [email protected] Art
Saumat, Gisel [email protected] ESL
Schave, Lori [email protected] Science
Simpkins, Lynda [email protected] Grand Central Station Lab
Tatum, Loree [email protected] Drama
Touchstone, Amy [email protected] Language Arts
Tuten, Joseph [email protected] Science
Whiteside, Justin [email protected] Texas History
Whyte, Cory [email protected] US History
Williams, Sandy [email protected] Human Services / Hospitality and Tourism /
           Annual Staff
Wilson, Lisa [email protected] Girl's Athletics / Girl's P.E.
Wingo, Heather [email protected] Math
Wong, Tonya [email protected] Speech Language Pathologist
Wright, Robin [email protected] Reading Specialist
Zapata, Tyler [email protected] TX History / Boys Athletics

Name email Position
Bankston, Bryan [email protected] SRO
Brooks, Hannah [email protected] Assistant Principal
Jameson, Mandy [email protected] Counselor
Kirchhoff, Sherri [email protected] Principal's Secretary
Kohl, Elaine [email protected] Counselor's secretary/Registrar
Ogle, Valerie [email protected] Counselor
Robinson, Vanessa [email protected] Principal
Stagner, Vickie [email protected] Attendance Secretary
Vincent, Beau [email protected] Assistant Principal
Whittington, Mitchell [email protected] Secretary/Security Desk

Name email Position
Alford, Tiffany [email protected] Speech Language Pathologist
Brooks, Dentrice [email protected] Custodian
Brown, Sherril [email protected] Classroom Aide
Bush, Sheila [email protected] In School Suspension
Cary, Christy [email protected] Life Skills Assistant
Dixon, Velba [email protected] Custodian
Fitzgerald, Donna [email protected] Campus Technology Support / Campus News
Gravley, Cindy [email protected] Nurse
Greer, Otis [email protected] Custodian
Hightower, Charlotte [email protected] Custodian
Jones, Lacreshia [email protected] Custodian
McGowan, Francetta [email protected] Grand Central Station Assistant
Rhodes, Lisa [email protected] Special Education Aid
Riley, Jan [email protected] Librarian
Sexton, Mary [email protected] Custodian
Sibley, Joyce [email protected] Head Custodian
Survia, Renee [email protected] Life Skills Assistant

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