Engineering activities at Pine Tree High School


Robotics  Club

Sponsor: Samantha Szydloski

Robotics students prepare for several yearly contests including the VEX Contests, Texas Computer Education Association Robotics Contest and the Region 7 Robotics Contests. These contests requires a great amount of planning, design and practice prior to the competition. The theme of TCEA's 2018 contest was "Mission to Mars"- where students had to design robots with self- extracting communication systems, colors sensors, and the ability to pick up soil samples and return them to base camp. Region 7 Robotics Contests are on-the-spot, skills tests that encourage team work and quick thinking. VEX competitions are a "battle" between multiple robots.

Engineering at Pine Tree High

Our classes our hands-on, real-world, and design driven. With our STEM activities we stress the engineering design process for each project and introduce students to different types of engineering: civil, mechanical, biomedical, aerospace. etc. We balance our innovative design challenges with a strong understanding of engineering history from culturally diverse viewpoints. Our reading list includes books such as:


Finally, our engineering students understand professional responsibilities and writing with their digital engineering websites- each student writes regular blogs about engineering and posts examples of their projects online. 

Engineering Field Trips at Pine Tree High School:
Understanding real-world contributions of engineers is critical to making a valid career choice. At Pine Tree High, we work closely with local universities and engineering companies to expose our students to the latest in technology research and production. Some of the places we visited recently are :


Pine Tree High School has an extremely active TAME chapter. TAME is an after school group that enables students to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) by:

  • Creating partnerships among educators, industry, government and families to inform, educate and motivate students
  • Implementing classroom and extra-curricular programs and activities
  • Focusing on populations that remain underrepresented in fields of STEM
  • Promoting diversity in STEM careers

Girls in Technology Day

Pine Tree ISD students teamed with Komatsu Mining to host a Girls in Tech event at the company's Longview plant. The goal was to let the students explore different technology- and engineering-related activities, from drones to building tiny robots to simulating driving the equipment that Komatsu uses. 

Longview New Journal Article

Girls in Technology