Grading Guidelines

  • In grades 5-12, teachers will take a minimum of 10 grades, which includes three major grades (major tests, projects, and papers) and seven daily grades for each grading period.
  • Teachers will update grades weekly in Skyward.
  • Teachers may give zeros with documentation that all effort has been exhausted to obtain work from a student.
  • Grades on major assignments that are not submitted during the class period in which they are due are reduced by up to ten points per day for three school days.
  • Grading of homework assignments is at the teacher’s discretion. However, late homework assignments that are graded will receive a maximum grade of 70. 
  • Students who have been absent from school for any reason are allowed to make up work missed. Teachers will work with students to establish a reasonable time within which to complete missed work. For example, if a student is absent two days then the student will have two days to make up the missed work. 
  • Students enrolled in Pre-Advanced Placement (Pre AP) and Advanced Placement (AP) courses will be allowed to retake only one test per six weeks.
  • Students may retake a test for which they receive a failing grade.  The highest grade a student can earn on any subsequent attempt will be a 70%.
  • When a student who is served through special education and/or 504 has failed two or more consecutive six weeks in a subject, the Admission, Review, and Dismissal (ARD) Committee or the 504 Committee will review the student’s plan and make any needed changes to the IEP or plan.