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Career and Technical Education

Most careers in the 21st century will require students to engage in some type of postsecondary education. CTE prepares both youth and adults for a wide range of careers in this new century. These careers will require varying levels of education.

According to the U.S. Department of Education, 97% of all high school students take at least one CTE course, and one in four students take three or more courses in a single program area. One-third of college students are involved in CTE, and as many as 40 million adults engage in short-term postsecondary occupational training.

Too many students leave school without the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in today’s workplace.   Over the past decade, CTE has evolved with the economy to focus on careers in high demand and high growth industries.  Today’s CTE programs are leading the effort to ensure all students are ready for 21st century employment.

Career & Technology Education Teachers

Bryan Brown - Automotive
Greg Collins - A/V production
Angel Cubine - Health Science
Charles Davis - Construction
Cody Ellis- Engineering Design/Presentation
Allison Ellis - Health Science
Alton Hawkins - Dollars and Sense/Business Law
Heather Hernandez - College and Career 
Jamie Hudman - Culinary Arts
Elisabeth McGuire - Human Services/Food Science/Counseling/Mental Health/Instruction
Wayne Gaddis - Drones
Taylor Morris - Commercial Photography
Brandon Muller - Forensic Science
Hector Peralez- Medical Microbiology
Karen Ritch - Principles of Business
Caity Rutledge - Animation/Graphic Design
Vanessa Sommerfeld - Anatomy and Physiology/ Forensic Science
Ryan Stokes - Professional Communications
Samantha Syzdloski - Robotics/Video Game Design/Commercial Photography
Melissa Talley - Intro Culinary Arts/Child Development/Human Growth & Anatomy
Mark Thomas - Welding
Lisa Wright - Professional Communications
Chris Yoder -Digital Media & Career Prep

Carrie Chandler

CTE administrator, Assistant Principal

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