S Williams

Ms. Sharon Williams

8th Grade Math

[email protected]

Office: 903-295-5081

Daily Schedule

Tutorials                               7:50 - 8:15

1st Period                            8:20 - 9:07  Pre-Algebra

2nd Period                           9:17 - 10:04  Conference

3rd Period                           10:08 - 10:55  Pre-Algebra

4th Period                           11:00 - 12:40  Pre-Algebra

5th Period                           12:44 - 1:30  Pre-Algebra

Pirate Power Period             1:35 - 2:05

6th Period                             2:09 - 2:57  Pre-Algebra

7th Period                             3:02 - 3:50  Pre-Algebra

Tutorials                                3:55 - 4:15

Tutorial Schedule

Mornings:        Monday - Friday

Afternoons:      Monday and Tuesday

About Me

This is my second year teaching at Pine Tree Junior High.  And I am so excited to be here.  I taught 8th grade Math at Longview ISD for 12 years.  I graduated from University of North Texas with a BBA in Finance.  I worked in banking for several years before going back to Stephen F. Austin State University to get a teaching certificate with a specialization in mathematics.

I have been married to my husband, Scott Williams for 27 years.  I have a daughter, Charlotte who graduated from the University of Arkansas.  She is working for Eastman Chemical.  And I have a son, Gus who is a junior at the University of Arkansas.

Being a good teacher is more than just teaching information; it’s about being patient, caring, respectful, and understanding.  A teacher plays many roles in a student’s life.  We are a mother, role model, counselor, and a friend.  It is a great honor to be called a teacher.