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2019 - 2020 Grants

  • Pine Tree Primary teachers were awarded $1,200 for the Preserving Technology Program. This project will provide full focus on student's creation and innovation with iPads already in the classroom. Technology will be used to enhance student motivations and help them learn at a pace that is comfortable.
  • Pine Tree Primary teachers, Amanda Roberts, Angelia Malloy, Anna Veralli, and Lindsay Stanley were awarded $1,200 for LEGOS and Littles. This is a campus wide project that will give students a new and exciting STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math)  experience every week! These various challenges will include LEGO kits, complete with activity materials and innovative lesson plans. 
  • Junior High teachers, Natasha Raibon and Mary Graham were awarded $3,550 for a kiln. The kiln will be used to bridge the gap in the district art program and offer ceramic classes to grades 5 - 8. This will also create opportunities for art students to compete in regional and area competitions. 
  • Pine Tree High School teachers Elizabeth White and Samantha Sydzloski were awarded $3,000 for Electronic Computing Labs. This project will allow students to better prepare for the high demand jobs in cyber security, robotics, computer and electrical engineering by introducing them to "microcontrollers" or specifically, the connections between hardware and software. By introducing this to them in high school, they will be better prepared for success.  
  • Pine Tree High School counselor, Bill Irvine was awarded $3,000 for Dual Credit. This grant will assist students with tuition costs or textbooks cost if they wish to enroll in dual credit courses but face financial limitations.    
  • ExCEL principal, Cleo Wadley was awarded $1,000 for Dual Credit. This grant will assist students with tuition costs or textbooks cost if they wish to enroll in dual credit courses but face financial limitations.     

Pine Tree Education Foundation Grants

Since 2004, The Pine Tree ISD Education Foundation has given back $291,778 to PTISD Schools, in the form of Educator Grants made possible by the common passion for excellence in education that is shared by our community. The Foundation serves as an investment vehicle for those who support the vision of excellence in education for which Pine Tree ISD is known. The Foundation provides an innovative source of funding to support the school districts educational plan of excellence. Our goal is to provide funds for those projects and activities that go beyond the normal classroom experience. 

Grant Funding Focus 

Provide funds for high school students to participate in learning activities that extend beyond the classroom.  Opportunities may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Assistance for students seeking Dual Credit for upper level courses at Pine Tree High School or ExCEL in cooperation with area colleges and universities. 
Scholarships for students seeking Career and Technical Education Certification in programs currently offered. 
Assist with the cost of books and kits for students taking dual credit courses.


Dual Credit and STEAM Grant Wells Fargo Advisors, -Gold Star Contributor 

Provide funds to PT educators for instructional projects that supplement and align with the District Plan: Grants may include:

Equipment, teaching supplies and software to improve student performance in literacy and numeracy. 
Educational opportunism to enhance instruction in Math, Science, History, Fine Arts and Career Development. 
Resources to close the gap and directly impact student classroom achievement.  
Dual Credit and STEAM Grant Wells Fargo Advisors, -Gold Star Contributor  
Provide funds for staff to participate in staff development activities to augment classroom instruction that include, but are not limited to, the following:

Workshops/Seminars in instructional areas at the campus level.
Educational experts to address specific areas of the curriculum.
Conferences specific to area taught.

Provide funds to enhance existing technology throughout the District to acquire new technology to support education reforms and student achievement.