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2017-2018 Grants

  • High School Art Teacher Elizabeth White and Special Education Teachers Amy Johnson and Tonya Wong were awarded $1,700 for Art Room Accessibility for Special Needs. This grant will provide specialized seating, communication boards and assistive technology for art tools for students who require additional communication aides or physical adaptations to make a successful art room.  
  • Sarah Barnett, Primary Counselor, and Karen Robey were awarded $1408 for Behavior and Play Therapy.  This program will impact students by helping them succeed socially, emotionally, behaviorally, and academically.   Play therapy and character education tools will help students be more successful.  
  • Lindsay Brazell and the High School English Teachers were awarded $1,893 for Building a Classroom Library for a Love of Literacy and Learning. Each classroom will add books to their library. These books will provide the students with grade-level, high interest reading materials for independent reading time.  
  • $8,000 was awarded to the High School for Fall and Spring Dual Credit-This grant money will assist with tuition, the cost of books and kits for students  taking dual credit courses.  
  • Steven Collins, Sunshine Harrison and Mary Nicholson with Parkway Elementary Special Education were awarded $750 for Fidgeting Means Focus.  This grant will provide Seating for Special Education students that will allow them to move while continuing to focus on instruction.  
  • Junior High ELAR teachers, Susan Curtis, Loree' Tatum and Amy Franks, were awarded $2,325 for Flexible Classroom: Effective, Safe, and Inviting. Provide alternative seating and tables to give students opportunities to be more engaged, mobile and active while learning.  
  • Laura Johns, Primary Music Teacher, was awarded $1500 for Music Rhapsody.  Music Rhapsody is professional development designed specifically to meet the developmental needs through the world of music. This training and implementation of lessons and equipment will improve the music education for our various special needs students, pre-k and kindergarten students.  
  • High School Special Education Teachers Jennifer Solomon, Monika Marjason, Lisa Presley and Trenady Offerman were awarded $1,683 for Ramping up Special Education. It will equip the department with reading, writing, math and science tools that encourage higher-lever thinking, technology supports real-life application, hands-on learning and sensory supports for secondary students.  
  •  Middle School Teachers, Tabitha Robertson, Rebekah Starnes, Misty Meza and Jorge Hernandez were awarded $3000 for Science Alternative Desk and Seating.  Students will be provided with lab tables and seating that will enhance their ability to conduct science experiments without the restraints of small desktops, unmovable chairs and limited room.  By creating an environment that has more mobility students will be able to accurately measure, test and predict outcomes of their experiment.  
  • Kimberly Fernandez and Marie Shelton, PE Teachers at Parkway Elementary, were awarded $1558 for Speed Stack.  Speed Stacking is a competitive cup stacking sport.  This sport helps build hand-eye coordination, quickness, and helps them develop bilateral proficiency with equal performance on both sides of the body.   
  •  Laura Cranford, Middle School Teacher, was awarded $1,479 for Pine Tree Middle School Makerspace.  Makerspace supports the growth and development of students through exploration and play.  Students will design projects and work with other students and mentors to exhibit their complete project for Innovation Showcase in the area of STEAM.  
  •  Jolene Ray with Parkway Elementary was awarded $1,691 for The Parkway Library Renovation Project Makerspace.  This project will turn the library into a space for students to have the opportunity to design their own products using switches, circuits, and other materials. This increases the students ability to think and gives them confidence in their own problem solving abilities. 

Pine Tree Education Foundation Grants

Education Foundation Grant Recipients

Since 2004, The Pine Tree ISD Education Foundation has given back $267,765 to PTISD Schools, in the form of Educator Grants made possible by the common passion for excellence in education that is shared by our community. The Foundation serves as an investment vehicle for those who support the vision of excellence in education for which Pine Tree ISD is known. The Foundation provides an innovative source of funding to support the school districts educational plan of excellence. Our goal is to provide funds for those projects and activities that go beyond the normal classroom experience. 

Grant Funding Focus 

Provide funds for high school students to participate in learning activities that extend beyond the classroom.  Opportunities may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Assistance for students seeking Dual Credit for upper level courses at Pine Tree High School or ExCEL in cooperation with area colleges and universities. 
Scholarships for students seeking Career and Technical Education Certification in programs currently offered. 
Assist with the cost of books and kits for students taking dual credit courses.


Dual Credit and STEAM Grant Wells Fargo Advisors, -Gold Star Contributor 

Provide funds to PT educators for instructional projects that supplement and align with the District Plan: Grants may include:

Equipment, teaching supplies and software to improve student performance in literacy and numeracy. 
Educational opportunism to enhance instruction in Math, Science, History, Fine Arts and Career Development. 
Resources to close the gap and directly impact student classroom achievement.  
Dual Credit and STEAM Grant Wells Fargo Advisors, -Gold Star Contributor  
Provide funds for staff to participate in staff development activities to augment classroom instruction that include, but are not limited to, the following:

Workshops/Seminars in instructional areas at the campus level.
Educational experts to address specific areas of the curriculum.
Conferences specific to area taught.

Provide funds to enhance existing technology throughout the District to acquire new technology to support education reforms and student achievement. 


Grant Application 

Deadline to submit the 2018 grant application is Friday, March 2, 2018.

Grant winners will be announced in spring 2018.

Grant Application

Grant Guidelines 

The Pine Tree family champions the relentless pursuit of excellence through a compassionate and safe learning environment empowering all students to develop their unique passions and to make a positive impact in a global society.

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