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1. EpiPen

     First watch this 5 minute video:  EpiPen Video  <--- Click me

     Then go here to electronically certify that you have watched the video: Electronic Certification <--- Click me
2. Bloodborne Pathogens

     Below are the instructions for completing the training.

1)   Click or copy and paste the url into your browser.

2)   Click on “Bloodborne Pathogens”

3)   In the username box type the beginning of your email address.

a.  Example – for the email address[email protected] the username would be jdoe.


4)   In the password box type the same password that you use to log into your computer or email.


5)   Click login.


6)   Fill out the personal information. The fields marked with a red required. Once you have the information filled out, scroll down to the bottom of     
      the page and click “Update Profile”.


7)   The online testing system will at this point tell you that you have changed your email preferences and send you an email to confirm the change.
      Don’t be alarmed. The change it is referencing is that you changed it’s recorded email address from none to the one you use here at school.


8)   You should be able to click continue at this point.


9)   At the very bottom of the page you will see three boxes with red text. Click on the box that says “PTMOODLE”.


10)  You are now ready to start the course.


11)  Click on “Bloodborne Pathogens”.


12)  This will bring you to the Topic Outline Screen.


13)  The first step is to read the required material. Click on Bloodborne Pathogens” in section 1.


14)  After reading the page, click the back button in your browser to return to the Topic Outline Screen.


15)  The second step is to take the 10 question quiz over the information you just read. Click on “Bloodborne Pathogens Quiz” in section 2.


16)  Click “Attempt Quiz Now” to begin.


17)  After answering all 10 questions click on “Submit all and Finish” at the bottom. Click “OK” in the prompt box that appears.


18)  You will be taken to a review screen where you can review your answers. Once you are satisfied click on the “Finish Review” button.


19)  If you did not pass the quiz you can click on the “Re-attempt Quiz” button and try again. Otherwise continue to step 21.


20)  The last step is to view and / or print your certificate. To do this scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the box labeled “BPwC” this will
       return you to the Topic Outline Screen.


21)  In Section 3 click on “Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate”.


22)  In the next screen click on “Get Your Certificate”. This will open a new window with a PDF file of your certificate. At this point you can save it,
       print it, or attach it to an email. I am not certain what the method for collecting the certificates is, so again contact your campus nurse to find out
       what they want you to do with it.


Your done!  Thanks!

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