4 cumulative tardies in a semester will result in an ASD.

Repetitively missing supplies/materials/homework

Repetitive noise disruptions

Refusing to participate

Failing to follow instructions inside or outside of the classroom


Not following classroom/common area procedures.

Dress Code violations

Use of profane language 

Inappropriate public displays of affection

Demonstrating extreme behavior in the hallway or during an assembly 

Phones out without express permission from staff

Unsafe use of classroom/school equipment

Note: This list is not meant to be all encompassing. PTMS administrators reserve the right to make additions as necessary throughout the school year to ensure a safe and productive learning environment for all students.


Falsifying school records.

Forging guardian signature.

Cheating, plagiarism/copying work.

Damaging property

Defacing school property or using graffiti

Using school computers or internet inappropriately

Leaving class without permission


Acts of harassment based on race, nationality, gender, disability, sexuality, etc.

Inappropriate/profane drawings or notes (gang, cult related etc.)

Threatening physical injury

Inappropriate language or actions towards students. 


Out of location

Possession of an imitation firearm, pepper spray, taser, hand gesture or other items used as a weapon.

Physical injury

Possession of tobacco, including vapes/e-cigarettes

Fighting, including mutual combat, death threat

Throwing chairs/desks/other items

Theft from other students or staff

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